Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Paige {Senior Pictures} - Idaho Falls, Idaho

Paige is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. I had so much fun hanging out with her while we took her senior pictures! Good luck with everything in your future Paige! 

 photo paige9_zpsbe428182.jpg

 photo Paige4_zpsbc9a72d1.jpg

 photo Paige5_zpsb9c16275.jpg

 photo PAIGE1_zps615fcf64.jpg

 photo Paige13_zpsf371cb34.jpg

 photo paige2_zps69c0fc60.jpg

 photo paige7_zps8a22f21c.jpg

 photo Paige8_zpse2a0798a.jpg

 photo paige11_zps34d5af29.jpg

 photo Paige10_zpsa36f758e.jpg

 photo paige12_zps1f2110a4.jpg

 photo Paige3_zps4395706b.jpg

 photo paige6_zpsb08e62b5.jpg

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stephanie & Zach {The Big Day} - Bountiful, Utah

I have known Stephanie and Zach for a long long time. I watched their relationship start, grow, and now I am so thankful I could watch them get married! They are truly two amazing people, their life together is going to be wonderful! Steph and Zach, I can't wait to see everything in store for you guys! 

Here are a few (kind of a lot) of my favorite pictures from their big day! One of my favorite parts was when Stephanie danced with her dad, and when Zach danced with his mom! They both brought tears to my eyes!

Congratulations you two! You both deserve the best! 

 photo SZ10_zps83ba784b.jpg

 photo SZ13_zps72f450cf.jpg

 photo SZ20_zpsb206219c.jpg

 photo SZ5_zpsba68357e.jpg

 photo SZ14_zpsb4e7cf22.jpg

 photo SZ16_zps4f967b06.jpg

 photo SZ18_zps04f1a314.jpg

 photo SZ19_zpscf378b57.jpg

 photo SZ17_zps837b9861.jpg

 photo SZ9_zpsa464bb65.jpg

 photo ZS1_zpsfc0af76e.jpg

 photo SZ1_zpsc1ad67d0.jpg

 photo SZ6_zpsbcfdaa59.jpg

 photo SZ23_zpsde4693dd.jpg

 photo SZ8_zpsbe2b4058.jpg

 photo SZ2_zps74f257ab.jpg

 photo SZ7_zps98bdfa53.jpg

 photo SZ4_zps7f28c784.jpg

 photo SZ3_zps062e3c4a.jpg

 photo SZ11_zpsebbe5d36.jpg

 photo SZ21_zps8341a08a.jpg

 photo SZ24_zpsa9ace6a1.jpg

 photo SZ22_zps6c4ac689.jpg

 photo SZ12_zpsbcd0ebb2.jpg

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sarah & Jordan {Engagement Pictures} - South Jordan, Utah

I LOVE THIS COUPLE! I have been taking pictures of Sarah for years and years! I am so glad she is getting married - FINALLY! I can't wait for their wedding this summer! Here is a little peak into our session!

 photo sj6_zps753d7fd5.jpg

 photo SJ1l_zps78a7d5b5.jpg

 photo sj2_zps1c5f2eb8.jpg

 photo sj11_zpse65dd2bf.jpg

 photo sj5_zps2ef316a0.jpg

 photo sj17_zps4a358c57.jpg

 photo sj16_zps51df7f7c.jpg

 photo sj4_zps3a76e3b0.jpg

 photo sj7_zpsf987a81e.jpg

 photo sj15_zps29d69f04.jpg

 photo sj3_zps086efd16.jpg

 photo sj10_zps099fc2fd.jpg

 photo sj8_zps048cc8b0.jpg

 photo sj18_zps7612c079.jpg

 photo sj14_zps73da2391.jpg

 photo sj9_zpsa4278d4c.jpg

 photo sj13_zps6ce296dc.jpg

 photo sj12_zps02ee5eb0.jpg

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